Welcome to Frankford Friends School!


On behalf of the entire Frankford Friends School community, I welcome you to our website and to our school.  Since 1833, we have been proud to offer an outstanding education to a diverse student body while keeping our tuition the lowest of any Quaker school in the Delaware Valley.

Come visit our STEM, music, and art spaces, where students learn to express themselves in creative ways, and our classrooms, where teachers engage their students in thinking critically about what they learn.  Tour the NEST (for nature, exploration, science, and technology), which when completed in the fall of 2016 will include the Innovation Workshop, space for working with new media, and the Nature Learning Lab.

Come meet our community, and get to know the Frankford Friends spirit that’s so apparent inside and outside the classrooms. Meet happy and engaged children who love to learn, our faculty that guides students to make personal meaning as they seek for truth, and families who are deeply involved in the success of their child’s education.

Come learn about our academic program, and how we provide a safe environment for students to try new things, encourage students to collaborate and share ideas, and teach students to think critically through experimentation and reflection.  Observe how the teaching of Quaker testimonies is integrated throughout our day, and how our beliefs in simplicity, cooperation, and peaceful problem-solving are reflected both in our program and in our community.

Mostly, come see our students – confident, passionate, creative young people who have found their unique lights and want to change the world in positive ways.  Our students learn to be independent thinkers and learners, but also know that by working in collaboration with others, they can accomplish even more.  

I love to welcome visitors to our campus where I can share with them everything I love about Frankford Friends School – how creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking blend with our teaching of Quaker testimonies; how we nurture our students’ social, emotional, and academic growth throughout the day; and why our students graduate as confident, caring, and socially-conscious young adults, with the confidence to use their strengths and passions to make the world a better place.

Frankford Friends School is a truly wonderful and unique place to learn and grow.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

In partnership,

Kathryn Park Cook
Head of School