Welcome to Frankford Friends School!

Dear Friends,

        On behalf of the entire Frankford Friends School community, welcome to our website and our school. Since 1833, we have proudly offered an outstanding values-based Quaker education in the heart of Philadelphia, while keeping our tuition the lowest of any Quaker school in the Delaware Valley.  The strength of our faculty ensures that a Frankford Friends School education is about more than knowledge; it is about guiding students to seek ‘that of God’ in themselves and others; it is about developing a questioning spirit; it is about the fostering of a deep sense of social responsibility in our students.  Our students are happy, humble, and engaged and they care deeply about each other and their community.

        Our student-centered curriculum emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.  In addition to strong literacy, math, Spanish, and science programs, our students study innovative design, engineering, and art in the IDEA Lab, as well as music, theater, civic engagement, and physical education. During two recess periods per day, students can spend time at The NEST, a vast green space on our campus dotted with trees, big boulders, gigantic tree stumps, and a waterworks built around a ten foot Archimedes screw, all of which offer endless opportunities for students to learn.  Off campus, students have multiple opportunities to explore the City of Philadelphia and its museums, parks, and other treasures.

        I invite you to visit and learn more about Frankford Friends School – how creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking blend with our teaching of Quaker testimonies; how we nurture our students’ social, emotional, and academic growth throughout the day; and to meet the students who will graduate as confident, caring, and socially-conscious young adults who use their strengths and passions to better our world.

        I look forward to seeing you on our campus soon!

In partnership,

Kathryn Park Cook
Head of School