Dear FFS Families and Friends,

        Volunteer time and talent add strength to Frankford Friends School and offer parents opportunities to be involved in the educational experience of their children. FFS events provide time to connect with other parents and learn more about the school culture.  We are grateful for each parent and community member who contributes to the success of FFS students and the school.

        Please note that 24 pieces of legislation surrounding Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Laws have changed. For the new 2016-17 school year, volunteers at FFS who “may be responsible for the welfare of a child or who will supervise, provide care for, guide, or have direct contact with children”, including, but not limited to, coaching or advising, assisting with before or after school programs and special events, assisting in the library, classroom or office, or chaperoning must have child welfare clearances completed and on file with the school in order to participate as a school volunteer.  All clearance information will be held in confidence and handled directly by our Business Office.  More information about clearances required under the Child Protective Services law can be found at Please feel free to contact the Business Office at with any questions or concerns about clearances as well by sending an email to

        We love our volunteers and are looking forward to working with you at school.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer forms on this page and send them in to the school office.  The forms designate which volunteer opportunities require clearances.  If you would like to volunteer at FFS in the classroom, as a chaperone, or in any situation in which you will work with children, then also complete the clearance forms attached to this letter, send them in, and provide a copy of the results to the school office.  Or, you can create an account and submit your clearance application online to give you immediate access to your results.  You can access the PA Child Abuse History Clearances at and the Criminal History Request Forms at  Once your clearances have been received, you will be added to the approved volunteer list.  The clearances are good for five years.

        Completing the forms does take time, but the safety of our children is our priority.  We are thankful that Pennsylvania takes its role in protecting our children from abuse so seriously.

        Please contact Liz Torres in the office at 215-533-5368 x0 if you would like more information about volunteer opportunities at school. She’ll be happy to help!