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FFS Nature Learning Lab TG design

This exciting project will be constructed on a .45-acre vacant lot across the street that was donated to the school. Construction of the Nature Learning Lab will begin in April, 2016.


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Funding for this project has been generously provided by:


Anonymous (2)
Elizabeth Borland and Phillip DeMara
Cindy Burstein and Nick Cassway
Doria Sutton Douillard and Fabien Douillard
Joe & Carolyn Evans
Andrew and Hannelore Fineman
Barry and Sharon Gessner
Louis and Arlene Gritz
John and Brenda Hadfield
Tatiana Garcia-Granados and Haile Johnston
Olivia Johnston
Gary Mancini
Bruce and Alberta McKenzie
Jon and Lisa James Otto
Jerry and Marilyn Owen
Ann and Norval Reece
Cynthia Reid and Daniel Gustafson
Brett Rhode
Jane and Lee Taylor
Joe and Jenifer Trachtman
Chi Kim and Ben Woodward

Gifts in Memory of

In memory of Alfred D. Abshire Jim and Jessica Houser
In memory of Sandra Clark Carol Clark
In memory of Ozden Firat Hale Allen and Alexa Firat
In memory of Ian Edward Katz Gregory and Lauree Katz
In memory of Dr. Michael J. Koczak Linda Gabriel
In memory of Margaret P. Trickey Jack and Marion McGovern

Gifts in Honor of

In honor of John Hadfield Joanne Hadfield
in honor of Raul and Samantha Martinez  Juana Guerrero and Antonio Martinez
In honor of Ellen McAllister  Judith Amaro-Perez
in honor of Raymel and Jesse Rookard Raymel and Laurie Ann Rookard
In honor of the Class of 2012  Helene Kantor

Gifts In Honor of Penny Colgan-Davis:

Bobbie Horowitz
Cecelia Traugh and Andy Doan
Darree Palmer and Tom Heal
Deborah Colgan
Drew Smith
Elaine and Jim Ballengee
Frank & Mary Maimone
Fritz Dietel and Kathy O’Neill
Judith Amaro-Perez
Kathryn Park Cook and Thomas Cook
Kathy Callahan and Gordon Rodgers
Marion Heacock
Marion Parkinson and Peg Szczurek
Martha Sharples and William Daniels
Megan and Matt Forrestal-Stalker
Sloane and Jennifer Powell-Folks
Stephanie Judson
Tara and Jeffrey Skolnik
Thomas and Jean Hunsberger
Tim Colgan
Todd Kline and Patrice Gammon
Tom and Joanne Sharpless
Tom Judd and Kiki Gaffney
Judith Amaro-Perez

Grants from Organizations:

The Tyson Memorial Fund
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s “Growing Greener” program
The Connelly Foundation
The William B. Dietrich Foundation
The HBE Foundation
The Whole Kids Foundation
City of Philadelphia Water Department – Stormwater Management Improvement Program (SMIP)