Our Approach

        Frankford Friends School educates children to live joyful lives characterized by integrity, simplicity and respect for all people. We believe each person has a Light within to guide us in thoughtful reflection and nurtures an inquisitive, compassionate, and open mind. FFS students become life-long learners who not only work to improve themselves, but also their communities and the world.

        Our unique curriculum emphasizes collaboration, critical thought, and creativity and engages students with authentic and personally meaningful ideas and materials that honor individuality and creative thought. We guide every student from Pre-Kindergarten to Eighth Grade towards becoming an independent learner and researcher and creative problem solver.  Upon graduation, our students enter competitive public and private high schools which report that FFS students are well prepared for success academically, socially, and emotionally.

        We also understand that growing children benefit from healthy minds and healthy bodies. Early childhood and lower school students enjoy recess twice daily in addition to bi-weekly physical education classes. Middle school students have a 45 minute lunch and recess period each day as well as physical education and fitness classes. All students benefit from mindfulness, weekly gatherings for silent worship, and stewardship of living things (our chickens, bees, and gardens).

        The Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship are artfully woven throughout our day. We emphasize kindness, honesty, cooperation, resilience, and empathy – the “Frankford-friendly” values that stay with our students into adulthood. In class and on the playground, teachers direct students in the use of peaceful conflict resolution. We care deeply about being a school in which every member of the community makes a personal commitment to joyful learning and the improvement of themselves and the world.