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From the Spring, 2016, issue of Reflections:

John Hoffmeier ’58 writes, “Still actively practicing dentistry in Cinnaminson, NJ, with as manytrips as we can make to visit our sons in DC and VT. Our grandsons in VT are an added incentive to making the long drive.”

Laura Griffies-Leeds ’87 wrote to let us know that her father, James Griffies Sr., passed away in February. Laura’s parents, James and Joan Griffies Sr., were very involved in Home & School, and continued to support the school after Laura graduated. We were so sorry to hear of this loss.

Frank Keaney and Phyllis Sabol write, “Lydia Keaney Reynolds ’94 is now with the NY State Attorney General’s Office in NYC. Bart Keaney ’96 is an engineer for the Philadelphia Water Dept. Monica Keaney ’00 is a Project Coordinator for the ‘Think-Tank’ Sustainia in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

Blair Braun ’00 “married Francis Weber, a fine young man, on June 27, 2015!” according to her mother. Congratulations Blair!

Wei Chen ’12 was accepted early admission to MIT and will attend in the fall. Wei will graduate from Friends Select this spring. He doesn’t yet know what his major will be, but he says that he “plans to try out electrical engineering and computer science.”

Austin Fortino ’12 will attend the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences in the fall, to study “Physics and/or Astrophysics and/or Astronomy,” according to his mom.

Zillah Elcin ’14 helped to organize a forum for Muslim students who felt marginalized at her high school, Academy at Palumbo. She represented Palumbo in the English Speaking Union’s annual Shakespeare Competition Philadelphia, where students from 17 high schools read, analyzed, performed and recited Shakespearean monologues and sonnets (Zillah won second place). Zillah was also one of ten winners selected from among 1,100 applicants to WHYY’s seventh annual “WHYY I Like This Book Contest.” We hope she’s keeping busy otherwise.

From the Fall, 2015, issue of Reflections:

Ellen Green Sklaroff ’59 writes, “FFS was an integral part in my life and in who I have become…I am eager to learn about my classmates Janice Mannal, George Deitz, Marjorie Lance, Gale Grumbles, Paul Wilcox et al.” We passed Ellen’s info on to those classmates with whom we have contact.

We also heard from Michael Valecce ’79 who is looking to set up a class reunion. Class of 1979, get in touch and we’ll help!

Casey Ann Francis Beck ’95, now the Development and Alumni/ae Communications Coordinator at Friends Select School, made a recent donation in honor of her former FFS gym teacher Mr. Rullo. She wrote, “I just took a moment to think about my experiences at FFS…and my brain was flooded with all of the amazing teachers I had. Mr. Rullo, though, holds a special place in my heart because he was a tough Philly guy that had a soft side; I was awarded the girls’ athletic awards at the graduation ceremony when I was in 5th and 6th grades, and he said so many touching things in his speech that stay with me to this day. As a pre-teen/young teenage girl, his words made me feel confident in myself and my abilities.”

Dylan Woloszczuk ’07 graduated from Haverford College with a B.A. in Psychology. She’s now working as a child welfare social worker in Queens, NY. She writes, “I’ve signed on as a Case Planner here for the next two years. During this time I’ll be attending Family Court hearings in Queens, conducting home visits to birth and foster parents, and working with children and families to provide them with any supportive services they may need. After my two years here is up, I’m planning on going back to school for my PhD in Clinical Psychology.”

Emma Hohenstein ’08, soon to graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BA in Photography, saw her photo essay, “Broken Promises: The fight to educate children with disabilities in the Middle East and North Africa,” published by Global Health Hub this October. Emma also spent a day at FFS taking photos of students, teachers and classes for us in our print and online publications!

From the Spring, 2015, issue of Reflections

Nancy Dehne Myers ’51 wrote with her Annual Fund donation, which she made in honor of the class of 51: “What a place. Wish I could start all over. Interesting that your graduating class was ten and so was ours. Eight of us went on to Germantown Friends School.”

John Hoffmeier ’58 writes, “We are the proud grandparents of two grandsons who live in Vermont; Calan age 2 and Max 4 months. We had a wonderful, if mildly chaotic, Thanksgiving with the entire family. A visit to the zoo highlighted the visit.”

Vicki Mager ’61 received a BA in Art History from Temple. She worked for the City of Philadelphia, Prisons Department, from 1978-2011. She is living in Israel since December 2011, working part-time at Tel Aviv Cinematheque. She would love to hear from others in her class!

Elliott Gritz ’73 is the Assistant Deputy Commissioner and Medical Director of the Office of Health and Mental Health Services in New York City.

Larry Mason ’64 and BJ Erb Crabtree ’64 and their spouses had a reunion dinner in Philadelphia this May. Larry writes, “We had a wonderful dinner and conversation. BJ shared an email from David Paul and a text from Suzanne DeLeo, and I shared some news of Ron Greller [all FFS class of 1964]. BJ and I entered FFS at the same time, in 5-year-old Kindergarten. We had not seen each other in 51 years, yet we had a lively and engaging conversation. We both hope future occasions will allow more of our graduating class to attend similar gatherings.” BJ is a Cardiologist in Atlanta, GA, and Larry, who is a Professor of Multimedia, Photography & Design, was named Syracuse University’s Scholar/Teacher of the Year for 2014/2015.

Vera Schorr, aka Miss Vera, sent us a note with her Annual Fund donation this year: “One of the most important things in my life was being able to send my children, Jeff ’79 and Brenda ’81, to FFS. And a number of years later, my grandson, Ethan Perry, was enrolled in K5 and soon will be graduating in June 2015. Wow, where has the time gone? FFS is and will always be one of my life lines.”

Nic Feliccia ’84 was cleaning out his “stuff” and sent us some wonderful pieces of FFS history, including class lists and issues of Reflections from the early 80s. Nic is a Learning and Development Consultant at Ericsson in the Atlanta area.

Danny U. Weaks Jr. ’95 writes that he attended Virginia State University where he studied Criminal Justice and is now currently a US Border Patrol Agent in the state of Texas. He’s been working out of Washington, DC, at Headquarters, so he tries to make it to Philly at least every other weekend to visit family and friends.

Fran Devine, a longtime supporter of the school, visited last spring. She wrote, “The new building and addition of upper grades are exciting developments for the school and community. I attended Frankford Meeting from 1984 through 1994, so it felt like coming home…. Please accept my small donation to the school in memory of Madge Trickey. Her caring spirit lives on through your work and throughout the school. I feel blessed that she was a F/friend to me and my family.”

George and Jamie Braun write, “Caroline ’99 continues teaching high school English in the Bay Area of California. Blair ’00 works in the Development Office for the University of Pennsylvania Athletic Dept. George, Jr, ’08 is a junior at Temple, majoring in Business. Glynis ’09 is a freshman at the University of NC, Chapel Hill.”

Taylor Wallace ’01 graduated May 2014 from Gonzaga University School of Law. She was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in October 2014. Congratulations Taylor!

left: Six members of the Class of ’04 attended James Cutler’s memorial service in May (see In Memoriam, below). Left to right: Anna Matus, Richard George, Vivian Souders, Mick Bursack, Mark Davidson and Julian Navarro.

Susie Benitez ’07, a senior at Albright College majoring in costume design, won the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 2 Award for Theatrical Design Excellence in Costume Design. Congratulations, Susie!

Frank Fortino ’09, a junior at Antioch College, landed an internship at Florentine Films, the studio of acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. Frank’s mother Ruth writes, “Frank’s first day was today. The contact said the interns probably won’t meet Ken because he’s out shooting, but there would be plenty of work. But when Frank got in today, Ken Burns walked in right after him! Frank and the other intern got to watch the raw-watermarked-footage from Ken’s new documentary on Vietnam, along with a bunch of producers from New York, and discuss and critique the video. Congratulations to Frank we share your parents excitement and pride!”

Matt Falsetta ’10, who attended FFS from Kindergarten through fourth grade, writes, “I went on to attend the Girard Academic Music Program and graduated fourth in my class with a full scholarship to Temple University. I’m currently a freshman at Temple and most recently earned my real estate license. I plan on studying economics and would like to work in real estate in the future. I am very grateful for the time I spent at FFS and hope to visit soon!” He added that he often sees classmate Eric Michaels ’10 around the Temple campus.

Adam Wilus ’10, who visited school for Teacher Penny’s “thank-you” video, is attending Arcadia College.

Tyler Garbett ’11 contributed a clip to teacher Pennys thank-you video. In it he said, “Next fall I will be attending Lincoln University as a Communications major and most of that is because of Frankford Friends, Teacher Penny. Thank you!”

Micah Getz ’11 will enter the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Tracey Olkus writes, “Max Olkus ’11 was accepted early decision at Connecticut College. I’m so proud of him. He put a lot of thought and research into his decision. He is pretty intent on majoring in International Relations. Im pleased that he is going to a small school. He really thrives in an environment that encourages a close relationship between student and teacher as he found at Frankford Friends. We are thankful to FFS for teaching Max how to be a real learner. So much of who he is and how he is as a student he developed there.”

Austin Fortino ’12, a Junior at George Washington Carver High School of Engineering & Science, will attend the Physics program at Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences, Carnegie-Mellon University, this summer.


Robert Lunde wrote us that his mother, Meg Hilles Lunde ’55, passed away on November 22, 2014, after her year-long battle with cancer. Robert wrote, “She was on hospice following the appearance of a brain tumor and died peacefully and without pain.” We were very sorry to hear of Megs untimely passing.

We were terribly sad to learn that James Cutler ’04, who attended FFS through 4th grade, passed away suddenly in April. Because James (whose sister Alice graduated from FFS in 2000) always loved Frankford Friends School, his family chose to have the memorial service in the Frankford Friends Meetinghouse. Penny Colgan-Davis wrote, “I do not think we have ever seen so many people in that space, nor have I heard so many loving messages about one so young.”

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From the Fall 2014 Issue of “Reflections”:

Bill Skinner ’68 writes that he attended Penn Charter for 7th–9th grades, then moved to Sioux City, IA, where he graduated from high school. He earned an A.B. from Hamilton College in Mathematics and Economics, followed by a law degree at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Bill writes, “Moved away, moved back, took five years between college and law school … but there on the first day of law school was my new and old classmate: Nina Cohen, one of my ten sixth grade FFS classmates. Now I practice law in a business law firm Flaster/Greenberg, PC, with offices in Cherry Hill and Philadelphia. One of my favorite pro bono clients is the Historical Society of Frankford, just across Orthodox from FFS. I run marathons, and every once in a while a long training run will take me by Frankford Friends. Most recently last weekend!” We hope Bill will stop by and visit his old school while running past one of these days!

Bithy Kaneff ’78 wrote that she wished she could attend the benefit concert in October, but she has moved to Florida. She sent a donation for the music program with a note, “With love and fond memories.”

Keith Bailey ’88 writes that he is a Senior EDI Specialist at Labcorp.

left: Elizabeth (Denny) Pfanstiel & Ashley (Crandall) Quinn, fourth graders in June 1996, holding up awards that were given out at graduation. Thanks for the photo, Elizabeth!

Emily Beaton ’06 received her Biobehavioral Health Degree from Penn State in May, and is now in Penn State’s Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program at the Altoona campus. She expects to graduate in December 2015.

Emma Hohenstein ’08 is in Morocco this semester for a foreign study program on journalism, photography, and the Arabic language, while enrolled in the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Tyler Adams ’07 is studying environmental science at Guilford College. He is also playing in two bands, has his own show on the student run radio station, and has a job on the farm there!

Brittany Mokeshefsky ’10 graduated from George School and is attending Barnard College.

Maggie Hohenstein ’10, will graduate from Science Leadership Academy this year. Interested in teaching, and already having all the credits required to graduate, Maggie is interning in our Fourth Grade class, hoping this will help her decide whether to pursue teaching as a career. Maggie is applying to McAllister College “early decision,” as well as three other colleges. Maggie is a bright light in the classroom and on the campus and we are lucky to have her!

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From the Spring 2014 Issue of “Reflections”:

Thomas and Patricia Ambler, members of Germantown Monthly Meeting and long-time friends and supporters of the school, wrote last winter, “We think it is a fine Friends’ School doing a very good job of complete Friends’ education body, mind, and spirit.” We were very sad to hear that Tom Ambler passed away in March.

We spoke with Elizabeth (Betsy) Kennedy Hewitt ’32 on the phone recently. Betsy shared, “As I cut back on my donations, FFS is not going to be one I am going to cut out. My years there were very short but very, very memorable and very happy. I will always remember it though it was a long, long, long time ago. I still can see myself back there and remember the names of my classmates.

    Betsy continued, “My son took me by a couple of years ago to see it, and the inside of the schoolhouse had changed quite a bit. The relationship of the schoolhouse to the meetinghouse of course hadn’t changed much. But I still remember everything.

    “I’ll tell you a funny story,” Betsy said. “One of my early days there, the teacher said, ‘Say your name last name first.’ I didn’t understand what she meant, so I said to the boy next to me, ‘What did she say?’ And he said, ‘Say your name backwards.’ My name was Betsy Ann Kennedy, so I said, ‘Kennedy Ann Betsy,’ and they called me Ann Bets or Annie Bets the whole time I was there.”

    Betsy was a professor of English Literature for more than 20 years. She shared, “I was 15 years out of undergraduate school before I went to graduate school, got my degree, and my four children and I went to Binghamton, NY, where I taught for 20+ years at SUNY.” Betsy is retired and living in North Carolina.

Lou Metzger writes, “Both my sister, Janet, and I attended FFS a few years ago, roughly 1941 to about 1946. Can I really be that old? I started in kinder-garten and left in 3rd grade to attend Penn Charter. My sister started in kindergarten and left to attend Lankenau. Janet must have been in kindergarten about 1941. While reminiscing about our experiences at FFS, Janet mentioned how she particularly admired or bonded with one teacher. This Kindergarten teacher, a French woman, whom Janet only remembers addressing as ‘Mamselle,’ was so generous of spirit that she left an indelible mark on my sister. All this is to lead to a question which I wonder if you would be so kind to research. Namely, what was ‘Mamselle’s’ name and what can you tell us anything about her history?”

    We shared Lou’s question with some of his contemporaries and heard back from Jane Lundeen Taylor ’47. Jane wrote, “Mamsell’s last name was Lowie…not sure of the spelling but that is what it sounded like to me at age 5. She was our French teacher. I have, in a box somewhere, my ‘text book,’ ‘Toddlers French.’ The Kindergarten teacher in the 40s was Miss Tither…again that’s the name sound as I remember. Miss Tither lived with her parents across the street from us. I adored both teachers!”

John van der Water ’54 writes, “Still looking for news of my classmates. We were 13: Peggy, Sue, Patty, Henrietta, George, Teddy, Bobby, David, Milton, Howard, Roy, John (me), & Ivan (now deceased). Our 6th grade teacher and principal was the adorable Mrs. Reba Lammey.” John is a member of the Sacramento (CA) Friends Meeting.

Jon Hoffmeier ’58 writes, “We are now the proud grandparents of Calan Hoffmeier of Monpelier, Vt. We make as many trips north as we can to see him. He’s a real blessing.” Jon dedicated his Annual Fund gift to the FFS class of 1958.

Vicki Mager ’61 writes that she is retired.

Left: Jeannie Breig Hamilton Hawkins and Maritza Javian Yepremian, class of 1961, sent us a photo of their “reunion dinner” last fall.

Lillian Gross writes, “As former faculty and parent of five former students, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Frankford Friends School. I love the innovative programs and the loving support of the faculty.”

Many thanks to Jesse White ’89 for donating several pieces of her artwork to the FFS Auction this year! Jesse serves as the Arts and Spirituality Teacher at Pendle Hill, a Quaker center welcoming all for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community. An expressionistic artist and poet, art therapist and teacher, Jesse also directs Pigeon Arts, an organization that offers transformational art programs to a wide audience. Her paintings, altered books, and photography have been exhibited throughout the greater Philadelphia area, North Carolina, and London, England. Her poetry has been included in several local and national publications.

Laura Hricko ’99 married Christopher Kline on June 3, 2013. She is Special Projects Manager, Continuing Studies at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, writes her mother Diane.

Lisa and Paul Bryant Jr. write that Paul Bryant III ’98 received his Bachelor’s from King’s College in 2008 and his Master’s from West Chester University in 2010. He is currently a Counselor at Olney High School. Matthew Bryant ’01 received his Bachelor’s in 2011 and his Master’s in 2012, both from West Chester University. He is a police officer in Washington, D.C.

We heard from Justin Barr ’00, who received his bachelor’s degree and is an Accountant in the Philadelphia area.

Four members of the class of ’04 attended the 2014 Winter Brunch and Auction and graciously accepted our invitation to speak about how their Frankford Friends education served them in the ten years since graduation. They wowed the audience, many of whom were moved to tears. The speakers were Richard George, who graduated from Temple University and is a Season and Group Sales Representative for the Philadelphia Phillies; Vivien Souders, who graduated from the University of Charleston and is a Producer and Editor at CCI Communications; Anna Matus, who graduated from the University of Connecticut and is working in retail; and William Rachuba-Hortman, who graduated summa cum laude from Alvernia.

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From the Fall 2013 Issue of “Reflections”:

Jeanie Breig Hamilton Hawkins, who graduated in 1961, attended Friends Select and then the University of Pennsylvania after FFS. Jeanie lives in Philadelphia and works in Human Resource Management. She would like to connect with people she knew at FFS!

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Pepe, who graduated from Frankford Friends School with the class of 1980.

Henry (Hank) Kaufmann of the class of ’85 is an electrician living in Yardley, PA.

We were delighted to see Mr. and Mrs. Farley at Spring Fair in May, along with Kristal Meagher and Roger Allaway, parents of Kevin Allaway ’98, and Evelyn and Paul Sager, parents of Ross Sager ’98. We learned that Ross Sager is in a Ph.D. program in plant biology at the University of Delaware, and Kevin Allaway is an Occupational Therapist.

Karen Rachuba writes that William Rachuba-Hortman ’04 has graduated from Alvernia with a criminal Law Degree on 5/11/13. He graduated summa cum laude in his class and received the Philadelphia Center’s Criminal Justice Academic Excellence Award. Congratulations, William!

After receiving a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Temple University last spring, Adam George ’06 was hired as FFS First and Second Grade Assistant Teacher. We are more than thrilled to have an FFS Alum teaching at Frankford Friends School!

There was a lovely item in the Frankford Gazette about Jennifer Mohr ’08, who graduated from the Charter High School for Architecture and Design and has recently moved to Frankford. Jennifer sells her silver jewelry, crocheted items, and other crafts at 2nd and Market Streets on First Friday. Jennifer’s two siblings, Alex and Amanda, now attend Frankford Friends School.

We were sad to hear that Gerald Olkus, the grandfather of Max Olkus ‘11, passed away. We appreciate Gerald’s family for asking that memorial contributions be made to the FFS Scholarship Fund.

Helene Kantor wrote us about Jason Kantor ‘12. “Jason is a sophomore at Lower Moreland High School. He transitioned smoothly and consistently gets A’s and B’s. Tr Jenn and Mrs. Amaro would be proud to know that he has an A honors Spanish!! Of course, he’d be annoyed that I’m bragging about him. LOL. He played on the varsity tennis team last year and hopefully will make the team again this year. I am so appreciative and thankful for the great academic foundation he received at FFS. He’s become a respectful, thoughtful, kind, inquisitive young man. You’ll always feel like family.”

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From the Spring 2013 Issue of “Reflections”:

John van der Water ’54 writes, “Enjoying retirement—LOVING California—would love to hear from others in the esteemed Class of ’1954! (Hey Teddy, you out there?!?)”

Meg (Hilles) Lunde ’55 writes, “My husband Erik retired from Michigan State University (he was a professor) and I retired from my position as a career counselor. Our daughter Beth is an actress, director, and professor in Hershey, PA. Our son Rob works in management for VW living in Detroit. Beth’s husband is in advertising in Harrisburg. We have a 13 year old grandson.”

Joan (Mohr) Gorga ’56 writes that she recently retired after 43 years in Massachusetts State Government in health planning and regulation of public health. She attended Mount Holyoke College and lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Fred Gross ’61 is a clinical professor and practitioner in Chicago. He attended Union College (BS), University of Illinois, Chicago (MSW), and Loyola University Chicago (PhD). Freds mother Lillian was a teacher at FFS for 25 years; all five of his siblings are alumni. He reports he is alive and well. He wrote us on December 24 that he was “Celebrating Christmas in Chicago with my first grandchild, Cora Francis, born Halloween, 2011.” Congratulations to Fred and to Lillian!

Hetty (Greller) Ball ’67 received her B.S. and M.B.A. from the University of Toledo.

Beth (Weiner) Cohen Pfeiffer ’71 Facebooked, “I still look back on those developmental years as so special and would like to give back!” Beth still lives in the area and sells Arbonne Health and Wellness products.

We were delighted to see a segment on NBC Nightly News featuring David Rhode ’76! The nonprofit he founded and runs, “Pitch In for Baseball,” helped restart Little League in a town ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Dennis Dougherty ’82 is an IT Executive living in Colorado. He attended Dickinson College after Penn Charter. Dennis was married in County Mayo, Ireland, in 1998. He enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking and is dad to son Denis, 10, and daughter Nuala, 4.

We were happy to hear from Anda (Lecce) Schreiner, who would have graduated with the class of ’86 but left FFS when she moved to Georgia and later Texas. Anda is a VP at Hudson Advisors in Dallas. She received a BS in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas.

Shelle (Frantum) Diem ’94 writes that she is a hairstylist and musician. “I went to Temple University after Community College of Philadelphia, but didn’t complete my degree. I’ve been a hair stylist for 12 years. Although the profession isn’t generally considered an academic achievement, I truly love it. Frankford Friends was a place where I was further instilled the importance of art, music, and that happiness is an important factor in life. I love my job; it doesn’t feel like work at all. Being called an artist by clients, and having clients from out of state and in some cases other countries is an amazing feeling. I went on to get an associate degree in business from CCP, and take coursera classes online for fun. I’ve played in bands since high school, and looking back, FFS devoting so much time to music and the arts really helped me appreciate all aspects of it. Even if I didn’t realize it at the time, as an adult, I was so lucky to go to such a wonderful school. I currently work at an upscale salon in Rittenhouse Square, and play bass in a local band for fun. I love my life, and I love learning, and look back on Frankford Friends with nothing but fond memories. Im so thankful my parents sent me there, and when I have children of my own, I can only hope I will be able to do the same for them.” Thank you Shelle!

Congratulations to Richard George ’04, who graduated with a degree in Sport and Recreation Management from Temple University! He’s working for the Phillies.

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From the Fall 2012 Issue of “Reflections”

Jake Davis ’11, now a high school sophomore, writes that he is taking online classes to become an electrician so that he can help low income families. Thank you for sharing, Jake!

Dan Dailey ’58 checked the “Alum” box on the envelope when he sent a donation to the Annual Fund last spring. Under “year of graduation,” he wrote, “Early Glacial Period.”

We heard from Ann Frankel Green ’60, who lives in Gladwyne, PA. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned a law degree from Villanova University School of Law.

David Rhode ’76 writes, “I graduated from Wharton with an MBA in 2011. Continuing to expand ‘Pitch in for Baseball,’ a global nonprofit organization that donates new and gently used baseball equipment to kids in need.” [Editors note see for more information, including videos of the organization’s work to support teams around the world!]

John Tilton ’79 lives in Knoxville, TN. (He attended FFS in second and third grades.) He graduated from Virginia Tech and works as a Programmer.

Natalie Levin ’83 writes, Natalie wrote, “living with my partner Cheryl in Mt. Airy. Yoga teacher and healer. Loving life & full of gratitude.”

Rose & Michael DePue, parents of Michael Depue ’91, Andre Depue ’93, and Sharon Cohen ’95, write, “We are honored to be a part of your community and excited to attend the dedication of the new building. The foundation of our four children’s education and values took place at FFS. To extend this to so many other children fulfills our own dream of “reaching out to others.” They add, “Our youngest daughter Sharon Cohen ’95 was married on August 4th. She chose the summer as it is her time off of work as a school counselor for the School District of Philadelphia. It is an exciting time for us!”

Richard and Sandy Malkin, parents of Elina Malkin ’95 and Alex Malkin ’98, write, “Our children have successfully completed their high school, college and postgraduate education at prestigious, wonderful institutions. However, we feel that their years at Frankford Friends School were their most significant personal and educational experience. We know of no other school that so effectively combines a focus on the development of the individual students sense of values, confidence and intellectual discipline with learning to be an active citizen in a caring community. This is the basis for the creation of engaged, courageous and curious young adults.”

James Cutler ’02 attended Masterman for high school, graduated from Connecticut College last spring, and is seeking employment.

Kelia Ideishi (2009) trained at the Boston Ballet School during the summer of 2012. Congratulations, Kelia!

Ruth Fortino, mom of Frank ’09 and Austin ’12, writes, “As big a financial struggle as FFS could be (and sometimes it was overwhelming), my husband Frank and I wouldn’t change a single thing. I think it’s the best decision we’ve ever made about our kids schooling. And along with their education we received entry into this amazing family that to this day, even though my kids are gone, helps and supports us through stressful times. I do miss my friends at school. 🙂 But I am always warmly welcomed when I drop by. I’m looking forward to the Rummage Sale and Spring Fair! You know what else is a really nice thing? Wherever we go, once we start talking to people we’re bound to bump into someone who went to a Friends school or sent their kids there. It’s a great feeling because we immediately understand each other. We know all the reasons we chose a Quaker school for our kids and therefore know one another a little more. In the first few months of Frank being Benjamin Rush Art School I happened to be talking to his Principal and found out she’s a graduate of Germantown Friends. It was awesome. We connected and she always remembers Frankie because of it. From my heart, I feel privileged to be a part of the Friends community.”

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From the Spring 2012 Issue of “Reflections”:

In January, the entire school was thrilled by a visit and a presentation from Rubén Amaro Jr., ’77, General Manager of the Phillies and a stalwart supporter of the school. Rubén said that going to school at FFS helped to shape his life. He told the children what he learned at FFS that helped him to be successful in life: responsibility, kindness, and respect for friends, teachers, and parents. He said the Phillies have a wonderful clubhouse where the team members all respect each other. Then he talked about the influence that Meeting for Worship had on his life. “I remember it took five years for me to share for the first time,” he explained, “because I was so nervous. Finally, in Fourth grade, I got up and shared, ‘I really love my mom and dad.’” When he sat back down, he said, “I hit my head on the bench.” Appreciative laughter rang out from the audience. “Growing up, I had a Jewish mom, a Catholic dad, and went to a Quaker school,” said Rubén. “Meeting for Worship was pretty important in my life — I still take 20 to 30 minutes every day to think about and contemplate my day.”

In March, we had a wonderful visit from Jerry Freilich ’60, who is Research Coordinator at Olympic National Park in Washington. After attending Frankford Friends School and Masterman, Jerry earned a Master’s Degree from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Georgia. His Ph.D. dissertation covered the movements of stoneflies in Pacific Creek at Grand Teton National Park, which he did by gluing tiny numbered tags on 2,000 individual stoneflies (don’t try this at home!). Jerry has absolutely delightful memories of our school and much love for all of his teachers and what he learned here. He credits FFS for his love of the natural world and in particular his 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Reba Lammey, who suggested his mother send him to workshops at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Jerry, who has worked at five national parks across the country, spent time with FFS sixth graders talking with them about how to find and pursue a dream for your life.

James and Betty Lennon sent news of their three children with their Annual Fund donations this year. “Kathleen Lennon Atwood ’69 is a social worker in the Boston area. James Ransley Lennon ’71 is a Vice President at the Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Co. Kevin W. Lennon ’72 owns the family business, Acme Window Shade and Blind Co. on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia.”

Lillian Gross writes, “I was a teacher from 1969–1988. Still enjoying retirement by doing volunteer work where I am living, the Philadelphia Protestant Home.”

Kathy Stumpf Thomas ’70 writes, “I remember when Mr. Farley first started. He was our music teacher. My mother Virginia Stumpf assisted Mrs. Wolfinger’s kindergarten class, which was my first year. After that my mother taught four-year-old kindergarten in the corner house (which doesn’t look like it is there anymore). My mother had a brain aneurism the following year when I was in 2nd grade, and could not teach anymore. Frankford Friends generously let me finish my education to sixth grade without tuition. This was a huge gift to me as my parents would not have been able to afford to send me. Those years at FFS were wonderful years. I appreciated the support and stability of being able to stay.”

Raymond Kvande writes, “Thor Kvande ’82 (son) is Headmaster of Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School in Memphis, TN. Marta Kvande ’84 (daughter) is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, College of Arts & Sciences, Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.”

Sadly, we received a note from Mr. G. Whistler in January: “This is a note to tell you that Janet Harvey, mother of Tom Harvey [FFS ’88], a former student at FFS, passed away on August 15th, 2011. I know she thought highly of your school and program… she is missed by all who knew her.” Janet had sent us several notes over the years sharing about Tom and expressing her appreciation for the education he received at FFS.

Patricia (Patti) Klein, who was assistant Kindergarten teacher with Bev Schol throughout the 90s, emailed us, “I have been getting the FFS newsletter and enjoy reading it, especially when I read something about one of the students I taught. It is wonderful that FFS has grown so much since I was there. It is truly a very special place… I would love to come back and visit.” Call us anytime, Patti!

Andrew Lisk ’88 writes, “After graduating FFS in 1988 my family moved to Spokane, WA. After high school I enrolled in Washington State University, later graduating with a Social Sciences degree. My wife and I have two boys ages 6 and 3. Since 2006, I have been a Probation Officer for Whitman County, WA. In 2010 I transferred from supervising adult offenders to Juvenile court. Working with juveniles has, thus far, been a rewarding experience.”

Stephanie White ’92 is a family physician and Director of Clinical Education at Western University of Health Sciences. She lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Lizzie Krick ’93 writes, “I am a painter, who has shown at galleries throughout the area. I have also acted as the director of an artist’s collective and gallery.”

Lydia Keaney ’94 received her B.A. from Temple University in 2004 and her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2007. She writes, “I am currently an associate with Wolf Haldenstein Alder Freeman & Herz in New York City. My practice focuses on plaintiffs’ side class action litigation with an emphasis on securities litigation.”

Diane Hricko writes, “Richard continues to teach Printmaking for Tyler School of Art. I am teaching part-time at the University of the Arts and am the exhibition coordinator for “Outside/Inside the Box” for Laura Hricko [FFS ’97] just made settlement on a house and is engaged to marry Chris Kline. She is working for One Percent for Art and at Beau Monde.”

Jamie Braun writes, “Caroline [FFS ’99] continues teaching high school in the Bay area of California. She is now a Teach for America alum. Blair [FFS ’00] is working in assets management for Hersha Hospitality in Center City. George [FFS ’08] is a senior at Penn Charter, was Captain of the gold team, and made ‘All-Interae’ in golf this fall. Glynis [who was in the class of ’10] is a sophomore at Penn Charter, continues to excel in the classroom, and swims and runs cross country.”

Bea Streitfeld writes, “What a wonderful ‘job’ you — FFS leaders, teachers, staff — have done with our children! My (our) HATS are off to each and every one! Thank you for a ‘job well done’! — Jason Kantor’s [FFS ’12] Grandmom.”

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From the Fall 2011 issue of “Reflections”:

We were delighted to meet Bill Horrocks, who attended PreK at FFS in 1938-39, and would have graduated with the class of 1946! He stopped by to visit during Spring Fair last May. After retiring from a 40-year career teaching chemistry and conducting research at Princeton and Penn State universities, Bill has retired to Cape Cod with his wife, Joan, where they are sometime attenders of the South Yarmouth Friends meeting.

John Hoffmeier ’58 stopped by to visit and pick up his student file last spring. He has stayed in touch with Dan Dailey and George Dehne from his class.

Janice Mannal’s (’59) long career of running her family’s funeral business has been capped by a key honor. The Northeast Times reports that Janice has been named president of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. Janice owns the Robert L. Mannal Funeral Home, a staple at Frankford and Tyson Avenues since 1937.

For those who were wondering, the Phillies “Four Aces” signed baseball generously donated by Phillies General Manager Rubén Amaro, Jr. ’77 to support the Building Fund was won by Ed Firth of New York, who is married to Denise Amritt-Firth, ’66. Ed wrote that he was really glad to have the opportunity to support FFS, adding, “We continue to be always faithful to our Philly roots/upbringing.” Denise wrote, “My sister Karen Johnson-Amritt (class of ’68) and I have such fond memories of our years at FFS.” Congratulations to the Firths, and thanks as always to Rubén!

Geralynne Zajac Kleinberg ’87 attended the High School for Creative & Performing Arts after FFS, followed by Moore College of Art for her undergraduate degree and then Rosemont College for a Master’s in Management. Geralynne is now an Advertising Sales Executive. She and husband Jeremy have a little boy (Gus) who turned one year old in June.

Casey Ann Francis ’95 graduated from La Salle University. She writes, “I was recently hired as the Alumni/ae Programs Assistant and Head’s Office Assistant at Friends Select School. Being back in a Quaker atmosphere really makes me miss my days at Frankford Friends, and I have so many fond memories.”

Dylan Braker Woloszczuk ’05 wrote us a lovely letter last summer. In part, it read, “I want to sincerely thank Frankford Friends School for all the help it has given me over the years. Both FFS and Meeting nurtured me as I grew up. The foundations for all my ambitions and beliefs come from the intellectual and spiritual learning I experienced at Frankford Friends.” Dylan graduated from Friends Select in June and now attends Haverford College. She continued, “Frankford Friends School taught me how to learn and grow, and the Meeting allowed me to receive a high school experience that many children can only dream of. Thank you all so much for keeping the Meeting and the school alive and well. My life, and the lives of many other children, would not be the same without the lifelong presence of Frankford Friends.”

Last summer, Precious Young ’07 wrote, “Looking forward to having my two little sisters attend. Look for Alexandria and Aiyana Patterson.” Precious attends El Centro de Estudiantes, a “Big Picture” school. We look forward to having Precious’s younger sisters at FFS!

Elizabeth Shotwell ’08 posted on Facebook, “I just want to thank this school ten billion times. It helped me do better in school and figure out how to work on projects and homework so that I understand. Now I am ranked number 69 out of my 620 student senior class. Thank you Frankford Friends! I miss this place dearly!”

Asia Kaiser’s (’12) mom writes, “Asia is an 8th grader at J.R Masterman. She attended Frankford Friends from Kindergarten until the 5th grade. She was introduced to the violin at Frankford Friends and she has been selected by Temple University’s Community Music Scholars Program for a scholarship for free private lessons, and was also selected by the Musicopia String Orchestra Program. I am so thankful for the wonderful foundation Asia was able to receive at Frankford Friends. Maybe Asia can come back and perform. She has become quite the musician and I can’t stop thinking about her first performance with the violin at the Meetinghouse.”

On Facebook, we posted, “FFS Alumni: What did FFS mean to you? What is your favorite memory? What are you doing now?”

Bithy Kaneff ’78 responded, “I remember the smell of the art room, the unique style of teaching. I feel very warm and fuzzy when I think back to that time in my childhood. Mr. Farley was the principal. The spring fairs were wonderful… I learned how to do cryptograms and play chess in the 5th grade from Mr. Koss. I still have some of my yearly school photos. Wish I had them all. Thanks to Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with old classmates. Very good memories for my siblings and me. My sister and I were just singing ‘Land of the Silverbirch’ the other day when we were talking about playing the recorder, which I understand you still do. I am a Legal Assistant and pursuing my degree now in Legal Studies. I pray that the children of today still gain the feelings and memories that we did.”

Wendy Kaneff Melchiorre ’81 wrote, “Hmmm…. Mr. Farley at the pianoand square dancing with Mrs Koss in the playground.” [Bithy replied, “I also learned Calligraphy with either Mrs. Koss or Mrs. Farley…. I had that set for a very long time.” Wendy: “Yeah… couldn’t wait to get my meathooks on that pen… I still remember how to do it, too!”]

Leon Wiener ’76 posted, “It was Mrs. Farley for Calligraphy (at least when I was there) as well as sewing made a pillow if I remember correctly. Mr. Koss taught me to appreciate poetry (in the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel) and how to juggle. As I remember I had the choice of either learning a song on the recorder (I was way too recorder challenged for that) or learning to juggle. I had Mr. Koss for both 4th & 5th grades wonderful memories.”

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From the Spring 2011 issue of “Reflections”:

Elizabeth Hewitt graduated from FFS with the class of 1932! She says, “I have very fond memories of my years at the school.” Elizabeth lives in North Carolina and would love to hear from anyone who graduated around that time.

John Newbold, ’59, writes, “My wife, Nancy, and I have purchased our retirement home in Gettysburg, PA, and eagerly await the move. An education at FFS was the best thing my parents could have done for me. Of all the schools that I attended, this is the one that I remember. If any members of the class want to get in touch, my e-mail is”

B.J. (Betty Joyce) Erb Crabtree, ’64 writes, “I graduated from Germantown Friends School with David Paul, went to Duke University for undergrad, to Medical College of Pennsylvania for medical school. Then went to Emory for training in Internal Medicine & Cardiology. Met and married my husband Bruce Crabtree while in Atlanta and have stayed there. We have two children: daughter, 24, in Vanderbilt Law School, and son 21, senior at U. Va. I’m still practicing cardiology.”

Susan Kardevan Chapman, ’65, writes, “I have recently accepted a position as a Managing Director for Helios AMC, LLC, in San Francisco, California.” Susan used to teach First Day School in the Little House. Susans mother, Mary Krewson, graduated from FFS in 1926, and was on the School Committee.

Kathy Stumpf ’70 — now Kathy Thomas — received a degree in landscape design from Temple University and worked as a Landscape Designer for many years. She’s now a homemaker, and has been happily married for 27 years with two sons, James and Sean.

Al Revel ’76 stopped by to visit. Al is a police sergeant responsible for the community surrounding the school. He told us that there was a time capsule the school made in 1976 to mark the bicentennial. It’s in a hollow cement block in the wall of the garage, to the right of the door. Al’s grandfather was one of the volunteers who built the garage. Al could recite every teacher he had, from Kindergarten to 6th grade. We hope Al can come back for an Assembly. He is articulate and kind, with a delightful sense of humorjust the kind of person our kids would love!

We were saddened to hear that Al Delaney, the father of Terry Delaney Norman ’81, passed away last fall. Terry’s parents were instrumental in putting together the school fairs during Terry’s time at FFS.

Thor Kvande, ’82, writes, “I have recently been named the next Head of School at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School in Memphis TN, where I am currently the Head of Middle School. I attended FFS back when Mr. and Mrs. Farley ran the school, along with Mrs. Trickey! Good role models for a new Head of School. I am sure my belief in the power and importance of education was nurtured and developed at FFS.” Congratulations!

Nic Feliccia ’84 is living in Georgia and working as an Engineering Manager. He earned a Master’s degree from Virginia Tech after graduating from Syracuse University.

Rischa Hortz reports that Laura Hortz Stanton, ’90, is married and has a one-year-old son, Theodore Gabriel Stanton. Laura is the Director of Preservation Services for Philadelphias Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts. Previously, she worked as the Curator of Collections at the Siouxland Heritage Museums in Sioux Falls, SD. After receiving her B.A. from Temple, Laura earned an M.A. from the Museum Studies Program at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. Her mom says she “flourished at Frankford Friends School, which along with high school at Masterman prepared her wonderfully for higher education.”

Anna Thomas ’92 earned a BS from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master’s in Public Health from the Boston University School of Public Health. She is living in Brooklyn, NY, working as a Policy Analyst with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Cliff Gabrellas writes, “Our daughter, Alithea Gabrellas, ’96, graduated from Harvard University cum laude in 2006, graduated magna cum laude with an MD degree from Thomas Jefferson University in 2010, was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the national honor society for physicians, and is currently a first year resident. She is engaged to be married to Curtis Olson, MD. Her brother, Greg, ’99, graduated with honors from the University of Chicago in 2008, is completing a Master’s degree at the University of Chicago and plans to apply to medical school in 2011.”

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From the Fall 2010 issue of “Reflections”:

Carolyn McCoy, former 2nd grade teacher at FFS, writes: “I’ve ‘retired,’ at least temporarily, from ESL to devote my full-time efforts to environmental work. I’m working with EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Group) to end mountain­top removal coal mining. Our current campaign focuses on PNC Bank, which has ties to Massey Energy and other coal companies that use mountain top removal. It’s challenging and exciting work!”

Bill and Charlotte Price write, “Bill is enjoying his retirement time. We are busy with our grandchildren, and we are still a camping family. We are both well.”

Monica Keaney, sixth-grade FFS Class of 2000, graduated from MacAlester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, in May 2010.

John van der Water, Class of ’54, writes, “I am 67, retired, and enjoying my life in sunny California.”

Diana Revel-Ryan, Class of ’78, responded on Facebook, ”Frankford Friends has given me a foundation for my life. Thank you!!!”

Elizabeth ”Bithy” Kaneff, Class of ’78, responded on Facebook, “I was in class with Diana, and thanks for Facebook we have been able to reconnect. Frankford Friends holds unforgettable memories, values, and heart felt moments for myself, my brother and sister…”

Lorrie Kappler Brecker, Class of ’76, responded on Facebook, “Memories from the 1976 graduating class: Boys catch the girls in the school yard, Hockey games with Mr. Koss, ”Madame’s” Kindergarten French class, Learning to Simon and Garfunkel, Mrs. Nielsons first grade, my favorite bus driver-Mr G, kick ball games, playing Dawn dolls in our desks, such a carefree time of our lives.”

Al Revel, Class of ’76, responded on Facebook, “Trips to Wissahickon Park, hockey, Simon and Garfunkel, Mr. Koss, science class and slides of the Antarctica with Mrs. Satersweitte, the time capsule, Mrs. Wolfinger’s Kindergarden class, shop class, sewing and the funky pillows, gym classes at the park, swimming at the YWCA, Mrs. Martin and the times tables…ugh and a pretty bad crush on Leigh!!!!”

Robin Newcomb Lermo, Class of ’74 writes, ”Married 24 years; 2 children Leslie (10) and Peter (8). Living in Springfield VA — school and church and scout volunteer! Please accept my donation in honor of my twin brother, Wayne Newcomb, for Christmas! We are both 1974 graduates of FFS, when Mr. Farley was the Principal and Mrs. Farley was our 6th grade teacher. We attended FFS for 3 years from 1971–1974 for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. This donation may be used in any manner you feel best for the school.”

David Rhode, Class of ’76, writes, ”I’m Founder and Executive Director of an International Non-Profit organization, Pitch in for Baseball.”

Larry Mason, Jr., Class of ’64, a professor at Syracuse for 28 years. Larry recently published a book, “Looking for Lockerbie,” based on his 12 years of research on the town of Lockerbie, Scotland, known for the tragic impact of Pan Am Flight 103. Larry recently connected with FFS on Facebook.

Alex Malkin, Class of ’98, wrote a note with his building fund donation, ”I am happy to make a donation to the Frankford Friends School Building Fund. I have many great memories of my time at Frankford Friends and am thrilled that more students will have an opportunity to have similar positive experiences. I am glad that my family is still involved with the school and hope our contribution helps make a difference.”

“Thanks for the good education you are giving Makai Milton, our beloved grandson.” — Theodore & Peggy Mastroianni

Juliet Koczak, Class of ’89, and her husband Hugh MacMullan shared the news that their first child, June Audrey MacMullan was born in November, 2009. Juliet reports that FFS classmate Victoria Ford Jennings had a baby — her fifth son! His name is Lucas.

Teacher Elaine Ballengee, retired ’09, is teaching with Teach for America in Oakland, CA. It’s VERY hard work, but she’s working with kids who really need her help. Teacher Elaine is still involved with FFS by volunteering one day a week.

Megan Forrestal Stalker, class of ’81, and husband are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Jack Hamilton, in February of 2010.