Music and Performing Arts

Music and the Performing Arts plays a large role in the lives of the students at Frankford Friends School. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, all students enjoy music classes twice weekly. Our students develop musical understanding through singing, playing, listening, moving, and experiencing music of different times and cultures. As students advance through lower school, they are introduced to increasingly advanced musical concepts of melody, rhythm, tone, beat, harmony, and improvisation.

Classroom rhythm instruments and Orff instruments are used throughout the lower school curriculum. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, every student learns to play a stringed instrument, either violin, viola, or cello. Instruments are provided by the school for the duration of a student’s attendance. String students attend classes in small groups and receive individual attention during this crucial stage of musical development. Sixth graders also earn the basics of guitar and keyboard, while 7th and 8th graders focus on music theory, composition, and history. Middle School students may choose to participate in string ensemble, handbells, and jazz band.

All fourth and fifth graders sing in their own choir, and all middle school students perform in an advanced choir.  Both choirs perform at venues outside of school as well as in in-school performances.

All FFS students participate in a variety of improvisation and theater classes weekly, and middle school students have the opportunity to take electives such as acting, myths and legends, and musical theater.

Frankford Friends School was one of 120 schools nationwide to receive a Support Music Merit Award from the NAMM Foundation, which recognizes support for school-based music education programs. The program singles out districts and schools for “outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders to make music education accessible to all students.”