Quakerism and Meeting for Worship

MFW 09.24.2015What do we do in Quaker Schools?

  •  Believe that every member of our community can grow and change in order to reach her/his potential. We call this the inner light.
  •  Search for truth, valuing the challenge of competing ideas.
  •  Resolve conflicts through respecting and listening to each other.
  •  Value and embrace the diversity of cultures, background, and religions in our communities.
  •  Act courageously in alignment with our core moral beliefs and strive to be socially responsible.
  •  Help all of our students to develop inner resources for self-discipline and achievement.
  •  Know that truth is continuously revealed and accessible to the seeker.  Students learn through discussion, inquiry, reflection, and action, emphasizing critical thinking skills and cooperation, not competition.
  •  Strive to bring our most engaged, most compassionate, most collaborative self to school every day.

At Frankford Friends, our community meets weekly to worship together.  We practice reflection to make room for the inner light in every person to surface.  Parents are welcome to join us in our weekly worship.

Lower School students worship together.  They are guided by a query to help them reflect on their lives and the lives of others around the world.  Lower school students prepare for meeting with cross-grade partnerships.

Fifth to eighth graders begin their worship in silence. During worship, a community member may feel moved to speak. Following a spoken message, they return to the silence to reflect in the light of that message. Meeting for worship ends with a handshake.

Friends (Quakers) value and pursue actions that reflect the ideals of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. They try to find nonviolent solutions to conflicts and differences and to help others through doing service, promoting social and economic justice, showing kindness in their  daily lives, and supporting each other’s search for the light within.

We meet for worship at the following times:

Thursdays from 10:00-10:15

Lower School (grades 1-4)
Wednesdays from 12:00-12:30am

Middle School (grades 5-8)
Fridays from 9:30-10:00am