Lower School (Grades 2-5)

        Lower School students participate in an outstanding academic program that provides intellectual stimulation and fosters a joy for learning. Attention is equally given to the social, emotional and academic needs of children.

        All Lower School students study Spanish, take art, music, theater, library, and physical education. String instrument lessons begin in fourth grade. Students also spend time outside during two recess periods a day and in the IDEA (innovation, design, engineering, art) Lab. Wherever possible, students acquire literacy skills and mathematical understanding through project-based learning initiatives that integrate science, service, and social studies themes. FFS Lower School students are challenged to be curious, inventive, and responsible for their own learning.  

       Our curriculum includes:

  • Life, Earth, Physical, and Computer Sciences (coding, robotics, electronics)
  • Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Math in Focus (Singapore Math)
  • Words Their Way
  • History, Geography, and Civic Engagement