Getting Into the High School of Your Choice

High school placement for graduating eighth graders is led by the Dean of Students and Eighth Grade Advisor. She assists families and their children in navigating the high school application process. Part of this process includes preparation for high school interviews, writing of a personal essay, filling out applications, and keeping track of application timelines. The Head of School also writes and sends personalized letters of recommendation for each eighth grader and advocates for their acceptance with admissions offices.IMG_0861

The high school admissions process begins with individual lunch meetings in the spring of seventh grade. Both students and families fill out surveys to help them understand what they are looking for from a school’s academic program and culture. The school then gives guidance as to the best candidate high schools based on the student’s grades, test scores, and other relevant items. Together, families and the school partner to create an appropriate list of schools for each student to apply to.

Frankford Friends School is known amongst high schools for its outstanding academic program and commitment to creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. They value our graduates, who are passionate, creative, concerned citizens, who have strong leadership capabilities and the ability to find peaceful solutions to conflict. Frankford Friends School graduates attend selective high schools throughout the Delaware Valley.

Recent graduates are attending schools such as:

    •      Central High School
    •      Friends Select School
    •      Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
    •      Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
    •      The George School
    •      George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science
    •      Science Leadership Academy
    •      Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush
    •      The Academy at Palumbo
    •      Charter High School for Architecture and Design
    •      Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)


Time line for high school acceptance

Fall of 7th grade

School trip to Philadelphia’s High School Fair

Spring of 7th grade

Student/Parent High School Admissions Night

Individual student interviews/lunches with Kathryn Cook, Lisa Clapper, and Elizabeth Reynolds

Late spring of 7th grade

Crafting of individual personal essays for submission with applications

Fall of 8th grade

Guiding of application process, including assisting with essay writing, preparing students for interviews, auditions, and presentations.

Writing personal letters of recommendation for each student by HoS

Writing letters of recommendation where needed by MS teachers

Advocating for students through admissions offices at private schools

Winter/Spring of 8th grade (after acceptances)

Campaigning for students who would like to be accepted off of waiting lists

Sending final records and transcripts