FFS Lower School Students Learn Not Only One Language, but Two!

At Frankford Friends School, we know that learning a language is an interactive process. Students learn best through accessing visual and auditory tools that make learning fun and interesting. Our Pre-K through Fourth Grade classes learn Spanish through using memory tools, color, songs, and patterns to increase vocabulary. They play games and do skits that will help increase their ability to have practical conversations. But even more, Senora Paola and the Lower School students are simultaneously learning both Spanish AND American Sign Language!

New research shows that children can learn vocabulary faster if they connect words to hand signs. Spelling words out loud while spelling them with the hands, for example, provides students with both oral and sight cues to help them retain the new vocabulary. Learning a language is a great booster for our student’s brains. It enriches and enhances their cognition, promotes cultural awareness, and broadens their abilities to communicate with others.

Enjoy this video of our third grade learning the alphabet for the first time – speaking in both Spanish and American Sign Language.