We are so proud of our eighth graders. Not only do they set a wonderful example for our younger students, but they are currently balancing their academics, extra-curricular activities, and family responsibilities with the (often daunting and definitely rigorous) high school application process.

At 8th grade November 2015Frankford Friends School, we partner with students and parents to prepare students for the high school application process and to ensure that all students find a good match for high school. In September, we held a High School Admissions Night to discuss the application process and the responsibilities of students, families, and teachers. The students have since selected public, private, and charter schools that they are interested in applying to. Each student has spent a great deal of time visiting their choices and seeing first hand whether each school is a right fit for their personality, academic ability, and interests.

The FFS High School Admissions Team has work, too! They have prepared transcripts, written personal recommendations, provided calendars of important events and deadlines, and contacted high schools about specific requirements for interviews and auditions. With the application process well underway, the High School Admission Team is excited about each student’s prospects for high school admission.

While the application process can be overwhelming and even nerve-racking at times, the students develop essential 21st century skills as they prepare. At FFS, we not only help the students create excellent applications, but we also cultivate outstanding writers and communicators who can showcase themselves to the best of their abilities. In English class, each eighth grader is required to write a high school admissions essay that showcases her/his best qualities as a student. The students have written about some of the most influential experiences in their lives, as well as challenges that helped them to learn perseverance and dedication, and have written detailed descriptions of their future dreams as well. FFS also supports students in their preparation for interviews and auditions. Eighth graders will soon participate in “mock interviews,” where they will rehearse answers to common interview questions. And those students who want to prepare for auditions and portfolio showcases at the city’s best performing arts schools also have preparation assistance from our art and music teachers.

At FFS, we are fortunate to work with such an inspiring group of students. The application process gives us another opportunity to foster 21st century learners who are strong academic writers, articulate speakers, and eager learners. The entire High School Admissions Team at Frankford Friends School is excited to see each student find her/his niche in high school and look forward to their continued growth when they leave our little nest.