Curious and engaged students are everywhere at Frankford Friends School. This week we’ve seen sixth graders discuss the mysteries of early hominids in Ancient History class, fourth graders experience the pleasures of giving to others through participating in service learning projects, second graders watching Monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoons, and pre-Kindergartners dancing with scarves to the pentatonic scale during music class. Last week, budding fifth grade scientists were totally engrossed in working in groups to design and build catapults during STEM class.

“If we make the shot heavier, will it travel farther?”

“What if we had a steeper angle, would it just go higher, or would that height give it more velocity?”

Everyone was learning through hands-on, practical experience, which allowed them to think critically about real-life problems. How lucky we are to be part of a community rich with teachers who know how to peak student interest, parents who send us children who are ready to learn and explore, and our students who partner with us daily in creating a true oasis of learning here at FFS!