BTS night p 5Do you ever wonder how many students at Frankford Friends School play one or more instruments? All 160 of them! Our students play everything from drums and xylophones in Pre-Kindergarten to violin and electric bass in eighth grade.

Music plays a huge role in the lives of our students. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, all students enjoy music classes at least twice weekly and develop musical understanding through singing, playing, listening, moving, and experiencing music from different times and cultures. As students advance through lower school, they are introduced to increasingly advanced musical concepts of melody, rhythm, tone, beat, harmony, and improvisation.

Back-to-School night for parents brought our fourth graders back to school in the evening as well – this time to select the string instrument they would like to learn! They studied the instruments in class with Teacher Diane, but the real fun was in trying out the different instruments with the help of some of our talented and inspirational FFS eighth graders and alumni. Look for 18 new recorder players (third grade) and 20 new violin, violists, and cellists (fourth grade) to join all of our talented singers and instrumentalists at this year’s winter concert and art exhibition on December 17th and 18th!