Employment Opportunities at Frankford Friends School

Job Postings:

There are currently no job postings at FFS.

To Apply: Send resume, cover letter, educational philosophy, and list of three references to hiring@frankfordfriends.org.

Why Teach at Frankford Friends School?

  • Our close-­knit community applauds each child’s best efforts and supports students in their individual growth. Frankford Friends School students are highly motivated. This means that your daily efforts will have an immediate impact on learning.  FFS is a happy place to work and to grow professionally.
  • Frankford Friends School families are supportive and involved. Educating children is a true collaboration between teachers and parents.
  • Frankford Friends School faculty never “teach to the test.” The curriculum is planned and developed based on best practices for educating the whole child. Creativity and innovation are valued.
  • All faculty and staff participate in professional development opportunities to expand their skills and enrich their practice. They are supported by administration in reaching professional goals and are true collaborators in important school decision­-making.
  • Frankford Friends School is financially stable and the student population continues to grow.  This ensures faculty retention and job security for faculty and staff.
  • Frankford Friends School testimonies promote integrity, community, equality, stewardship, and finding peaceful solutions to problem solving.  You will play a major role in fostering both your students’ intellectual growth as well as the development of their characters.
  • Frankford Friends School is a community that is highly diverse and inclusive. We value what is special and unique about ourselves and others.