Art and Design

All Frankford Friends School students enjoy using various media, materials, and techniques to unleash their creativity. Our students learn to express themselves through working on a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects, which include drawing, painting, and clay work and fiber arts. Art history and curricular themes are often integrated with art projects, bringing cross-curricular connections to the art studio.

The process of creating art is what is considered most important as young students work to develop the fine motor skills needed to prepare a project. As students advance, projects become more complex. In Middle School, advanced students can opt to take an additional portfolio preparation class each week. This allows interested students to work on more extensive pieces, and to receive individual feedback on their work. Advice on selecting the best pieces to form a portfolio is also provided.

Eighth graders all participate in the Art and Social Change project, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Art, Music and Humanities departments. Eighth graders spend part of the third trimester researching the historical connections between a work of art and a corresponding piece of music. The project culminates with a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where eighth graders serve as docents for the day.  Standing in the galleries near their assigned work of art, they  publicly present their research. This project highlights how the arts can give voice to social movements or be the impetus for change in society.