Action & Service

Fourth graders helped clean up and beautify Pause Park in Frankford.

Partnerships with organizations

  • FFS has renewed its partnership with the Frankford Public Library, providing additional opportunities for community engagement and bringing back a decades old tradition.
  • FFS partners with the Frankford CDC to work on projects around our neighborhood of Frankford.  Beautifying Pause Park (picture at top of page) was one of these projects.
  • Fourth graders partner with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission to explore ways to improve not just the aesthetics of Frankford, but the functionality of our neighborhood.  The project culminates in building a Box City, a scaled model of the neighborhood, including the students’ improvement ideas.

  • Fifth Grade students are involved in a partnership with students at The University of the Arts.  UArts students came to FFS to harvest plantings from our dye garden. Then our students went to the university for a natural dye and shibori workshop (shibori is a form of resist dyeing achieved by using folding, wrapping, and tying techniques.).  The study culminates with the honor of showing artwork in the office of the university’s President.

Connect through service

At Frankford Friends School service to the community is an important part of the mission.   FFS partners with community organizations, like the Food and Wellness Network (FAWN), to meet specific needs.  Middle school students volunteer at FAWN helping to stock the shelves of the food pantry, assisting patrons with getting food, and helping to run workshops.  They also conduct research projects where they examine trends, and help to facilitate partnerships between FAWN and local stores. 

The civic engagement program also manages can drives, turkey basket drives, and holiday gift drives.